Minnesota Hobie Fleet 444


Mission Statement:

Hobie Fleet 444 is a chartered NAHCA Division 7 organization committed to sharing and promoting the fun and excitement of catamaran sailing.


The Fleet includes sailors from all walks of life, young and old, new to the sport and with years of experience. Fleet membership is open to all makes of catamarans, and in fact catamaran ownership is not a prerequisite for Fleet 444 membership…join in, catch a ride and experience the fun of catamaran sailing.


To support this objective:
  • The Fleet will plan to have several “fun sails” each season. Depending on the location and the conditions, these events could include a Spring tune-up and sail, destination/distance sails (it is 14 miles from Lake City to the north end of Lake Pepin), fun contests (how long can you keep that hull flying?), scavenger hunts…each “fun sail” ending with a cook out to wrap up the fun.
  • The Fleet may also coordinate camping “fun events” to other sailing destinations (The Apostle Islands/Lake Superior is great sailing in late August).
  • The Fleet will host one Hobie Points Regatta each year. This event will be a Hobie Cat sponsored one-design event.
  • The Fleet members will also be encouraged to participate in other events which welcome catamarans, including neighboring Fleet regattas, regional open catamaran events (Green Lake/Shell Lake) and other events such as the Leech Lake Regatta/LOWISA, which provide a different opportunity and venue to enjoy time on the water.
  • The Fleet will support a website promoting these activities, and possibly publish and distribute a newsletter.
  • The Fleet will also solicit regional businesses to promote the Fleet’s events and activities.


The Fleet’s Home:

The Fleet’s “home waters” will be Lake City, MN on Lake Pepin, part of the Mississippi River.
No, Lake Pepin does not have a current to speak of, and with its 22 mile length it has lots of space to hold a single tack for miles. It offers a beautiful venue for cruising, racing and having fun.
There are several put-in locations, including a city boat ramp and beach right next to the marina and the Lake City Yacht Club. There is also a campground on the lake a mile or two north of Lake City.


Fleet Membership and proposed fees/dues:

Membership dues are intended to support Fleet operating activities, potentially including:
  • Website operation,
  • Newsletter printing and distribution,
  • Fleet general use supplies to support events (i.e. grill for cook outs).
  • Discounted “fun event” fees
Proposed: $25 annually for boat owners, $10 for non-boat owners
Points Regatta Registration Fee will be dictated by the needs to support the event format.


Event Leadership:

Organization of “fun events”: Fun events should provide a fun format which encourages participation by all abilities of sailors.
  • Each “fun event” should be sponsored by a Fleet member who coordinates the event, determining format and organizing the after event cook-out.
  • Fun events are intended to be just that…low-key and fun.


Organization of Points Regatta:

Points Regatta should be lead by a Regatta Chairperson who is responsible for managing the event requirements.

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